Who Do We Serve

Who do we serve?

Find your industry or one similar to see types of services we provide.

Power & Utility Companies

From staging and logistics , Blue Sky facility support, to damage assessments for power companies both large and small.


We help our clients navigate the difficulty of a disaster situation.

Power Line Assessment

We can assess damage to power and utility lines.
telecommunications assistance

Telecommunications Industry

We handle network recovery. With generator placement, damage assessments, mobile staging camps, as well as unique site access methods, Zebra's specialties can help you get back online.

Our years of experience in the telcom world have allowed us to utilize best practices for everything from generator deployment, to refueling, to mobile feeding and sleeping cities.

Network Recovery

In the event of phone line disruption, power loss or overwhelmed cell signals, we’re here to help re-establish connections and communication.

Damage Assessment

Regardless the emergency or the damage, we help assess the situation and create a plan forward.

Oil & Gas

In the oil & gas industry, you require precise response and efficient execution. The global energy market requires that we run at maximum efficiency. We're here to help with that.

Lodging & Bunk Houses

It’s reported that personnel are more efficient when located onsite.

Restrooms & Showers

Efficient base camps with simple daily pricing.

Commercial Kitchens & Food Service

Commercial kitchen on wheels, climate-controlled dining tent, refrigerated trailer included

Property Managers

Network Recovery through generator placement, damage assessments, mobile staging camps as well as unique site access methods are specialties of Zebra.

Whether mitigation for one of your tenants to storm prep, backup portable power, emergency fueling and even damage assesments.  Zebra is ready to assist.

Damage Assessment

Regardless the emergency or the damage, we help assess the situation and create a plan forward.

Alternate Power

Don’t go without power. We can assist with generator placement to provide you with an alternate power source.

Mobile Staging Camps

Bring alternative lodging right to you.

Events & Wedding Industry

While they're not emergency situations, wedding & events require a great deal of planning and logistics. Cover from the weather and proper bathroom facilities are crucial for events with gatherings of large people.

Tent Rentals

Keep your guests out of the element at any gathering with tent rentals of various sizes.


No one likes a sub-par bathroom situation, especially at a fancy event or wedding. Keep your guests comfortable with our high-quality, clean mobile bathrooms.

Temporary Power

A turnkey power solution for any event, our mobile generators come from 20kw-2000kw hours to keep your event going – our generators even come with an electrician to hook up and disconnect!